Wille Yli-Luoma: Picture This

This is a video section that I directed and shot for Wille Yli-Luoma. Wille is a good friend and one of my favorite snowboarders. He is full of life and adventure. It was always exciting to go on a trip and explore with him.

This particular year for my film Picture This we had a few new things that we wanted to accomplish. One of which was a night powder section. And Wille was up for the challenge.

On a trip to Cooke City, MT we stopped in bozeman and loaded up with supplies. There are usually plenty of down days in Cooke City due to the weather. But this time we wanted to make use of them. The first five days were socked in with white out conditions that make it difficult to see anything in the day. But as luck would have it it seemed to clear up every night. So we slept in the day and snowboarded at night.

Most of these locations are 10+ miles out in the back-country. The only way to access them is with snowmobiles. Leaving our cabin at 5pm and getting back around 4am. Dragging all the lights, generators, dollies and cameras without breaking them every night was a challenge to say the least. Add to that temperatures that were averaging -25 Celsius and you can imagine just how difficult it was. To this day I think it still might have been the hardest shoot I have done. All that and it was just for Wille's intro.

But all that aside... It was a blast!

As for the rest of the section it showcases Wille doing what he does best... Snowboarding!

Hope you enjoy!

Song: Wildcat
Artist: Ratatat

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