Jessel + Simon the Wedding Day!

Wedding of Jessel and Simon, 2 become 1!
I took Ned Beatty's famous speech from the movie "Network" (screenwriter: Paddy Chayefsky) and turned it into a dance club #EDM video - using my home recording studio.

Beats by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad~cyberpoet)
Directed and Edited by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad~cyberpoet)

Twitter: @annienomad
HP Ink Tank X JK
"Find Your Inspiration"
Directed by Disspong Sampattavanich

RushMatters - On8mil

A short film shot on a single cart of Kodak 50D with a 'Braun Nizo Professional' camera.


Sorry, I'm not real


2014-2017 ©

An afternoon at the museum

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Airport terminal

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75 days in Pekin

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65 days in Pekin

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Live Wedding - Maria Augusta e Bruno


My Secret Malta

Filmed by
Fabrizio Fenech
Carlston Saliba

Edited by
Fabrizio Fenech

Music Licence

Shot on Sony a7s II

Loss and Found - Premiere

The world premiere of Jon Mancinetti's short film, "Loss and Found" at Downtown Independent Theatre LA 10-09-17.

World Bank - Water’s Promise

422 South were commissioned by Etage Creative to produce a number of water simulations using realflow as part of a film which will be shown to heads of state at the UN High-Level Panel for Water during the UN General Assembly. Please share this film is you value water. It cannot be taken for granted.

More details found here:

Creative Direction & Production - Etage Creative
Editing - MAKU
CGI - 422 South


After Effects and Element 3D.
The future looks grim, where the world is on the precipice to connecting all of consciousness to a global computing network system.
Melding together and unifying the masses to a one world governing body that you did not vote for and answers to no one. Your world view is to be extinguished, your free thought is to be erased, and your privacy is to be no more. The singularity is here and there is and has been a full on assault to control your mind. Join the resistance and share this Video with all those who can still think for themselves.

Tyson Lake - last stop before Killarney

Tyson Lake is truly a wilderness paradise - its unspoiled scenery continues to inspire outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists.
Tyson lake borders on Killarney Provincial Park , situated only a twenty-minute drive from the quaint historic town of Killarney.
Camera : Drone Breeze 4k , Nikon
Location : Tyson Lake near Killarney - Central Ontario
Music by Eric Matyas(sound image) ,,Over a mysterious Island".

Jess by Chris Fitzgerald

Nelson Dialect // 2 Train with the 7

Taken from the poetry book "Never Finish Anything" by Nelson Dialect.

Lyrics - Nelson Dialect
Production - Ray West

Production co. Young Black Youth
Director/producer/DOP/editor/colorist - Nima Nabili Rad
Conceptual/Creative Direction - Nelson Dialect
1st AC/Production Assistant - Stephen Willats

Teaser Cadê o Circo?

“Cadê o Circo? ”, é um curta-metragem independente adaptado da peça teatral de mesmo nome. Rodado na localidade de Jua em São Francisco de Paula e Monte Bérico de Flores da Cunha com uma equipe de profissionais da Serra Gaúcha.


Certa manhã, após acordarem, os contrarregras Montanha e Zoinho descobrem que foram esquecidos pelo circo. A partir daí eles embarcam em uma jornada onde se encontram com personagens inusitados por diferentes lugares.

Ficha técnica


Paulo Macedo
Janio Nunes
Marcelo Casagrande
Sandro Martins
Odelta Simonetti
Luis da Luz
Tiago da Luz

Direção| Cristian Beltrán
Roteiro | Pedro Nora
Produtor Executivo | Janio Nunes
Diretor de Arte | Paulo Macedo
Diretora de Produção | Priscila Perondi
Direção de Fotografia | Leandro Foscarini
Captação, Foley e Mixagem de som | Ricardo Mabilia
Assistente de direção | Pedro Nora
Assistente de produção | Ramon Augusto Fernandes
Foto Still | Fabiano Knopp
Trilha Sonora | Cristian Beltrán, Janio Nunes, Paulo Macedo
Estudio de Som | Sona – O Som das Ideias
Montagem | Leandro Foscarini

McGill Arts Frosh 2017 | Official Aftermovie 4K

Track list:
Ori Tali Ma (Lvndscape Remix) - Sander Van Bloom
How You Love Me - 3Lau ft. Bright Lights

Dubrovnik, Croatia

They call this city the pearl of the Adriatic Sea....and rightfully so.


Siren Song

A disgraced football coach gets an idea

Starring Steven Jones
Directed by Zach Jones
Music by Michaelcushion

Model Angela Dańczak- videography

Some video shots during photo session of Angela Dańczak. Non-commercial project.

Model: Angela Dańczak | Instagram:@angela.danczak
Video: Adrian Stankiewicz
Photo: Jakub Mrozek | Instagram: mrozekfoto |
Music: Mahmut Orhan - Feel feat. Sena Sener
Car: Lincoln Continental Mark V tel. +48 722-211-144

Moving Pictures 2017 Official Teaser

Beware of December 4!

trail in calvi

trail de calvi 1 er éditions
en corse région balagne
shoot panasonic lumixgh5
drone mavic pro dji

Juris Vizbulis in Krimulda church.


SimpsonVega: Chasing The Dragon

Written By -
Jack Scott, Tom Middleton & Adam Rojko Vega, Ben Simpson

Adam Rojko Vega - as Jacob
Ben Simpson - as The Dealer

Produced & Directed By: Crooked Cynics
Director of Photography - Conor Chalk
Makeup Artist - Hannah Chestnutt
Additional Music - Kyle Simmons
Edited by - Crooked Cynics

Others Will Follow - SciFi Short

The lone survivor of the first mission to Mars uses his last moments to pass the torch of inspiration.

Making of Others Will Follow:

Andrew Finch — Director / Writer / Cine / VFX / Sets / Props / Costumes / Edit / Sound / Score
\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greg Cotten — Co-Cinematographer

Bruce Greenwood (voice)
Winston Tao
Erica Sabol
Damian Chey

by Clark
Courtesy Warp Records / Kobalt Music Group Ltd.

© Andrew Finch 2017

Despertar, Dall - Making Of

Filmado em maio de 2017 em Porto Alegre - RS.
Direção: Lucas Bellator
Produção: Silva Home Movies/Dall
Assistência de produção: Vitória Galimberti

Link do clipe: