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The eyes…are open like that.
When the spirit, slightly, flees for them, from outside arrives something that resembles a butterfly, a butterfly made of spirit - will it be able to penetrate your spirit without difficulty?
Are your eyes ready to let you in?
When the butterfly is about to enter, will you dance with eyes that welcome it?
Always on the move, with lightness – it is necessary to dance with lightness for it to be welcomed.
As if there were an entry and exit door for the spirit, a fundamental door.
What is born with it? Is it your joy or your sadness?
What is up?
In its coming and going, the butterfly flutters its wings – is it your soul fluttering with joy? Or is it sadness?
It reality changes all the time, doesn't it?
Take good care of your eyes, there are dances like that, just for eyes.
You see, there's a whole world that's just theirs. So that's it, let's try it with eyes like this.

Kazuo Ohno (adapted)

Gabriel Cupaiolo

Direção de Fotografia
Leo Kawabe

Danilo Abraham

Color Grading
Sergio Pasqualino Jr.

Direção de Pós - Rodrigo Elias
Atendimento - Aline Elias
Composição - Anderson Noise, Erik Cardoso, Bruno Elias e Rodrigo Elias
3D - Radamés Araujo e Ricky Monti

Sound Design, Mixagem e Produção Musical - Hurso Ambrifi
Atendimento - Fernanda Costa
Coordenação de produção e Finalização - Equipe Satelite

Trilha Sonora Original
Eddu Ferreira - One Side: Your Body